Mind Mapping Exercise 3

Collage Board 3 NewDoes collaging reveal the actuality of architecture through historical permanence but conceal the truth through temporariness?


Mind Mapping Exercise 2

Collage Map

Does collaging conceal the actuality of architecture or reveal its truths?

Collage Board 2

Ruins Map

Are ruins representative of a “decaying society” or a memory of a society’s success?

Ruins Board

Refer to Mind Mapping Exercise 1 for revised mind maps.

Mind Mapping Exercise 1

Each of the three mind maps were created quite differently from each other.  The Preservation map is based on an idea I have been interested in, but have not pursued much while in school.  To complete the map, I had to do more research rather than pull ideas from my own projects.  The Collage mind map was the opposite, as it has been a theme in my work throughout school.  I already had many examples of projects, from sketches to site visit photos.  I decide to create this map to see if there is a deeper interest within the collage. The Landscape map was a combination of the first two.  I had worked with some landscape design in a few projects, but it is something that I’m still interested in pursuing.  I decided to have these three different types of maps so I can reflect on what I’ve done, explore my goals, and discover new inspirations.

Preservation Map

Preservation Mind Map

Collage Map

Collage Mind Map

Landscape Map

Landscape Mind Map