Keyword: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis: The action or process of changing in form, shape, or substance; transformation by supernatural means; a complete change in the appearance, circumstances, condition, or character of a person, a state of affairs, etc.; change of form in an animal (or plant) or its parts; the process of transformation from an immature form to a different adult form that many insects and other invertebrates undergo in the course of maturing.

1797:  A new form or change of appearance is always implied in metamorphosis or transformation.

1899:  The sole difference between the folk notions of metamorphosis and metempsychosis lies in the fact of the former consisting in change of form during life, and in the latter after death.

1903:  The various modifications which the primitive form has passed through constitute its metamorphosis.

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Keyword: Bricolage

Bricolage:  construction (esp. literary or artistic) creation from a diverse range of materials or sources.  Hence:  an object or concept so created; a miscellaneous collection, often of found objects.

2002:  Principal aesthetics of montage and bricolage:  the attempt to break down the relics of a period of over-consumption and to render the pace of an accelerated age.


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Keyword: Montage

Montage:  the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole; a sequence or picture resulting from such a process; the act or process of producing a composite picture by combining several different pictures or pictorial elements so that they blend with or into one another; a mixture, blend, or medley of various elements; a pastiche, miscellany.

1930:  montage, or constructive cutting, is simply the method building up a film from broken and isolate strips of celluloid.

1961:  It is certainly not modernist, if by modernist one thinks of a play of images, a montage in free verse.

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Keyword: Assemblage

Assemblage:  a bringing or coming together; a meeting or gathering; the state of being gathered or collected.  The joining or union of two things; conjunction; the joining, putting together of parts; a collection; a work of art consisting of miscellaneous objects fastened together.

1875:  This system of interchangeability and assemblage is one of the most beautiful triumphs of modern mechanism.

1958:  The success of the total effect was due to the cutting and assemblage of the recordings under the composer’s care.

1961:  An ‘assemblage’ is a work of art made by fastening together cut or torn pieces of paper, clippings from newspapers, photographs, bits of cloth, fragments of wood, metal, shells or stones, or even objects such as knives and forks, automobile fenders, steel boilers, and stuffed birds and animals.

1963:  John Latham’s assemblages do not strike me as random, when considered as arrangements of forms and planes.

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Keyword: Surrealism

Surrealism:  a movement in art and literature seeking to express the subconscious mind by any number of different techniques, including the irrational juxtaposition of realistic images, the creation of mysterious symbols, and automatism; art or literature produced by or reminiscent of this movement.

1934:  Surrealism may conveniently be defined as the free grouping together of incongruous and non-associated images.

1935:  Pure psychic automatism, by which it is intended to express, verbally, in writing, or by other means, the real process of thought.

1952:  Sometimes we find that neither subject suffers from juxtaposition, but that together they form a new kind of experience to Surrealism, which we rather admire.

1970:  Surrealism sought to explore the frontiers of experience and to broaden the logical and matter-of-fact view of reality by fusing it with instinctual, subconscious, and dream experience in order to achieve an absolute or ‘super’ reality.

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Keyword: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition:  the action of placing two or more things close together or side by side, or one thing with or beside another; the condition of being so placed.

1661:  Parts that are united by a meer juxtaposition.

1690:  When the mind cannot so bring it’s ideas together, as by their juxtaposition, or application one to another, to perceive their agreement or disagreement.

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Keyword: Photomontage

Photomontage:  montage that makes use of photographic images and techniques; (also) a picture made by this method; a montage constructed from photographic images.

1931:  The use of stripped negatives in futurist compositions to convey the effect of simultaneous ideas…made its first success in the U.S.S.R.

1975:  Ingeniously chosen illustrations and designs – notably the surrealistic photomontages of Benjamin Palencia.

1991:  The brilliant pioneer of early Soviet photography, Alexander Rodchenko, is recalled in the contemporary use of photomontage and abrupt angularity of shot that were among his trademarks.


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Keyword: Collage

Collage:  An abstract form of art in which photographs, pieces of paper, newspaper cuttings, string, etc. are placed in juxtaposition and glued to the pictorial surface; such a work of art.

1935:  Poems can be composed from random newspaper – cuttings (‘collage’ poems)

1935:  Max Ernst, books of ‘collage’ pictures (Une semaine de bonté)

1935:  Parallel to this may be placed frottage

1936:  Photomontage – refers to a photographic process entirely and not the scissors – and – paste method known as collage

1936:  The invention of collage by Picasso or Braque;  the work of art made of any old pieces of string or newspaper

1939:  Collages demonstrate a new use for the Object, particularly the Found Object (surrealist invention)

1961:  Collage is the first thing we recollect when calling to mind a picture which is a collage-painting (memory)

1969:  Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia is an example of collage by a composer

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