Framing Exercise 2: Site

Mind Map Phase 5 Site


Mind Mapping Exercise 1

Each of the three mind maps were created quite differently from each other.  The Preservation map is based on an idea I have been interested in, but have not pursued much while in school.  To complete the map, I had to do more research rather than pull ideas from my own projects.  The Collage mind map was the opposite, as it has been a theme in my work throughout school.  I already had many examples of projects, from sketches to site visit photos.  I decide to create this map to see if there is a deeper interest within the collage. The Landscape map was a combination of the first two.  I had worked with some landscape design in a few projects, but it is something that I’m still interested in pursuing.  I decided to have these three different types of maps so I can reflect on what I’ve done, explore my goals, and discover new inspirations.

Preservation Map

Preservation Mind Map

Collage Map

Collage Mind Map

Landscape Map

Landscape Mind Map

Preliminary Thesis Ideas (Thesis Prep II Summer Assignment)

See original PDF here:  Preliminary Thesis Ideas


C r e a t i v e  I n f l u e n c e s


| Total Work of Art |

– “Gesamtkunstwerk”

– All images from Prof. Neveu’s Bauhaus/Gropius lecture

– Involve design in everything, architectural or not

| Maya Lin |

Systematic Landscapes (brings outdoor qualities into a confined museum space)

Storm King Wavefield (reclamation of ground into an art form, carbon footprint fully offset)

The Character of a Hill, Under Glass (using landscape inside, flat “floor” outside)

| Nutrition |

– Documentaries:  learn

– Juicing & Eating Healthy:  get energy

– Food blogs:  inspiration


A r c h i t e c t u r a l  T h e m e s


| Progression, Movement |

– Wooden Objects Museum (physical progression from

antique objects to modern objects)

– Urban Studies: Boston “parade” route, progression through a city

– Jackson Square Housing (movement between two main roads)

| Collaging |

– IDEO Digital & Hand Collage (physical collaging of materials to convey an idea)

– Urban Studies: an analysis of the layers of Dharavi

– Jackson Square Housing (collaging of materials, unit types to collaborate together)

| Self – Sustaining, Contributing to the Environment |

– Roof Garden at Wooden Objects Museum

– Plant Wall in Wooden Objects Museum

– Light well in Jackson Square Housing Units


| Preliminary Thesis Ideas |

– Creating a fully self-sustaining structure, going beyond LEED; the building gives back to the environment, makes little to no impact

– Nutrition-Related Center, bringing healthy food to those who don’t have easy access (could be a place for learning, buying food, etc.)

– Studying the Idea of Landscape & Building/Relationship between the two, blurring the lines